Course curriculum

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    1. Warm-up | When do you feel smart?

    2. Course Outline

    3. Unlock Your Potential: Share Your Progress and Open Doors!

    1. Apply to Our Internship Program (*No fee for application, program fees apply once accepted.) 😎

    1. Part 1 | An Intern Like You

    2. Reflect on Joe's experience

    3. What changed in Joe's situation?

    4. Part 2 | Joe's big change

    5. Part 3 | How to develop a growth mindset

    6. What did Joe do?

    7. Identify Your Growth Strategies

    8. Part 4 | Joe with a Growth Mindset

    1. An Intern Like You | Maria Jose and Mary

    2. Fixed vs Growth Mindset

    1. Satisfaction and impact survey (2 min)

About this course

  • 15 lessons

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