Course curriculum

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    1. Warm-up

    2. Learning Outline

    3. Unlock Your Potential: Share Your Progress and Open Doors!

    1. Apply to Our Internship Program (*No fee for application, program fees apply once accepted.) 😎

    1. Introduction to your experience

    2. Reflection questions

    3. Set yourself up for success | 4 Game-changing prep strategies

    4. How To Set SMART Goals & Objectives

    5. Vague goals vs SMART Goals

    6. Setting your internship goals

    7. Planning For A Successful Internship

    1. Describe your first week on the job

    2. Discuss | First week expectations

    3. What to expect in week 1

    4. Example of Onboarding Plan

    5. Key Vocabulary

    6. Tips and Advice: Having a successful first week

    7. Asking the right questions

    8. Reflection and application

    1. Satisfaction and impact survey (2 min)

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